photo by: sarah b photography

photo by: sarah b photography

Hi ya'll! I’m Ciara :)

I’ve loved photography since I was young. When I first crafted a bucket list as a freshman in high school, at the top was: travel & photograph the world. It’s still a huge dream of mine. My first love is landscape photography! I’ve always been able to feel emotions & vibes differently than a lot of people & when I see stunning views, I want to capture it. I want everyone else to see what I’m seeing & have their breath taken away as well.

Simply put: I love capturing love. For a long time I’ve been pretty jaded, but slowly my hard exterior is being chipped away by witnessing all the beauty the world has to offer. I want to capture the love you have with your significant other, I want to capture the love you have with yourself, & I want to capture the love shared at events. When we work together, I promise to let that love you feel for each other or yourself shine through in your timeless photos.

I’m self taught but have been lucky enough to be mentored by some pretty amazing photographers! I’m truly blessed.

Loves: inspirational speeches, traveling, a good run or a good lift session, that first cup of coffee in the morning, good hair days, a crackling fire, oversized comfy sweaters & the perfect golden light at the end of a great day.

Hates: mushrooms, alarm clocks, trying on any article of clothing in a dressing room, airport layovers & slow drivers in the left lane.

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
— Steve Prefontaine