Family Weekend | Pittsburgh Engagement, Elopement, & Boudoir Photographer | Ciara Elyse Photography


So I don’t normally shoot families, but this past weekend I made an exception. This family is extra special to me in all sense of the word.


Alyssa & I have been best friends since we were 5 years old. We had chicken pox together in 1st grade, she made fun of my red hair & I made fun of her last name. We rode the bus home together all the time & we always talked about crossing the busy highway to visit each other. When my mom met my now step-dad in 5th grade, I moved away. Even though we spent our seemingly “most important” years apart, we never lost touch.

Now that we’re older? I think THESE are the most important years & I’m so glad we get to do life together this way. She met her husband Mike in college who is perfect for her & she has two beautiful children who I just adore with my whole being.

So when Alyssa asked me if I’d take family pictures of them - I had to say yes. I’m so obsessed with the way they turned out, I had to share them in a blog post! Hope you all enjoy :)